Join Te Nuku Mauī

Thank you for your interest in joining Te Pāti o Te Nuku Mauī – CPA.

Anyone who agrees with the positions of Te Nuku Mauī can apply to become a member. However, it is not possible to become a member (with all the rights and obligations that entails) as a simple formality. Joining a communist organisation is equally commitment for an aspiring member, and a responsibility for those who are already members to help them in their unfolding political activity.

To start the process of becoming a member, please fill out the form below. A Te Nuku Mauī organiser will then contact you within five working days to arrange a time to meet, virtually or in-person, and discuss the next steps. If this seems daunting, don’t worry. It isn’t designed to be exclusionary, but to give new applicants all the support they need to familiarise themselves with socialism and Te Nuku Mauī. We look forward to hearing from you!