Archive of Socialist History Aotearoa (ASHA)

Te Pāti o Te Nuku Mauī was founded in March 2019 as the New Communist Party of Aotearoa (NCPA) and held its first congress in November 2019. While Te Nuku Mauī is a new party, the causes of democracy and socialism are not new.

To preserve the history of the socialist movement in Aotearoa New Zealand, which extends over a century prior to the (re)foundation of the current communist party; Te Nuku Mauī’s History Commission maintains the Archive of Socialist History Aotearoa (ASHA).

ASHA contains letters, journals, pamphlets, newspapers, conference agendas, posters, and other ephemera and documents of the New Zealand socialist movement. It includes Communist Party of New Zealand publications such as People’s Voice, NZ Communist Review, and Magazine of Marxism; Socialist Unity Party publications such as Tribune and Socialist Politics; and material from smaller splinter groups, such as the OMU or the Socialist Party – among many other documents.

The physical archives are stored at Trades Hall in Wellington. If you would like to access these, please email ASHA, however, in the interests of accessibility, is also and primarily an online archive hosted by the Internet Archive. While the History Commission uploads and maintains the archive, we are not responsible for hosting and other issues related to the website itself.

We are always looking for more documents to add to the archive and are happy to work out an arrangement where we work with you to scan and digitise documents for ASHA Online while you retain ownership and possession of the physical copies. Please contact us if you are interested in contributing or donating.