Te Pāti o Te Nuku Mauī – Communist Party is a Marxist and democratic socialist party organising and fighting for a future that is socialist, sustainable, feminist, and decolonised. We are the fastest-growing socialist group in Aotearoa New Zealand with members all the way from Te Tai Tokerau to Ōtepoti Dunedin.

Our movement is based on the the traditions of democracy and socialism, on the struggles for human rights and emancipation, against fascism and racism, imperialism and colonialism. We aim to overcome all social relationships in which people are exploited, disenfranchised and deprived of the right to make their own decisions. This requires not just a fight against exploitation in the workplace, but against racism, sexism, LGBTphobia and all forms of discrimination.

We are active in trade unions, our workplaces, social movements and other community organisations and campaigns – a better world starts with change we can make on the ground now.

The Present We’re In

New Zealand still has an economy that is designed with a colonial purpose. Our society puts the profits of big business and global finance over the needs of the people that live and work here. Working people who call Aotearoa their home, regardless of citizenship or background, are who keep our society running and make our country what it is.

Some argue that neoliberalism has meant the government no longer has any influence or control, there is no alternative to the free market. The Covid crisis, however, has shown just how important social intervention against the free market and the naked logic of capitalism is. The fact is, successive governments since the 1980s have, with the backing and support of finance and big business, allowed and enforced a regime of neoliberal state monopoly capitalism. This is where the state and the monopolies work together to ensure high profits through market-oriented policy.

As is impossible to ignore, while this system has been beneficial to the world’s super-rich, it has brought new suffering to ordinary working people. From the slashing of benefits to starvation levels to rents that are often over half people’s income, neoliberal capitalism has created an unacceptable level of social and economic inequality.

The Future We Fight For

Te Nuku Mauī seeks a democratic road to socialism. This road is based on a broad anti-monopoly Left alliance in the workplace, the community, the streets, and ultimately, in the government. This anti-monopoly Left alliance would have the task of fighting the power of finance capital and opening the way to socialism.

Forging New Tools for an Old Cause

Te Nuku Mauī seeks a socialist system that understands and represents the needs of working people. One that recognises that not just Marx, but papakāinga and ohu also must be a part of our socialism. This socialism will be a creation of all people in Aotearoa, Māori, Pākehā, and tauiwi and thus is shaped around the material situation and needs of our people and country.

We fight for a society in which no child grows up poor, in which everyone can live a self-determined life in peace, dignity and welfare. We fight for a society where social relations, from everyday life to big picture decisions, are shaped democratically. To achieve this, we need a different economic and social system.

Therefore the objective of our Party is the nationalisation and democratisation of the economic sphere, of the monopolies that currently regulate our life. This is not nationalisation of the entire economy down to your local dairy, but the components that drive our economy, and therefore our country, forwards. This includes the banks, the electrical grid, energy production, etc. Our socialism is based on both political and economic democracy – with the economy being structured around working people’s democratic self-management.

Marae, papakāinga and ohu production collectives provide an integral base to any socialist transformation of our country. Following from this, taonga such as the foreshore and seabed can and should remain in Māori collective ownership. Socialism and communal ownership is not limited to democratic nationalisation and there are a variety of forms of socialist ownership.

Get Involved

Aotearoa New Zealand will only be able to break away from capitalism and build a socialist future out of the present we find ourselves in through this kind of alliance – a broad, anti-monopoly Left alliance that is able to fight, and win genuine victories for social progress and democracy. This requires organising on all levels: from our workplaces to nation-wide politics. This mass movement for change creates an opening for full-scale transformation towards socialism.

If you want to see a social Aotearoa welcoming and supportive of everyone, not just the elite few, join Te Nuku Mauī and help make this a reality. You can also sign up to our supporters mailing list if you would like to remain informed without wanting to make a commitment.

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